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Ms. Robin Dorociak

Northwest Biomechanics LLC
4817 SW Hamilton Ct
Portland, Or 97221
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Motion Analysis Laboratories


Plan, evaluate, select, train, and implement motion analysis services

  • We assist organizations that wish to begin a new lab or expand their current motion lab services. Our staff will assess the needs of the organization and perform an evaluation of the state of the art equipment and recommend the proper equipment and staff based on needs and goals. We will provide documents to support the capital expenditures and architectural requirements for the lab. Once the equipment has been procured, we will assist with the installation and training that will transition the organization toward a smooth clinical service. Documentation and guidelines for various services will be provided.
  • If an existing motion lab wishes to begin a new service, we will assess the state of the art and make recommendations based on the customers needs. We will provide documentation for capital expenditure, and will assist in implementation and training.

Biomechanical modeling, programming, & database services

  • We provide biomechanical modeling and database development resources for motion analysis labs. Our staff will assess the needs of the motion lab, perform a state of the art literature review, provide a plan for review and approval by the customer, and develop, train and implement the approved model or database. The model or database will be extensively tested for bugs and guidelines will be provided.

Provide quality control assessments for motion analysis equipment

  • We will provide quality control services for all motion analysis equipment. Our staff has experience with various quality control procedures and will implement a continuing documented review of equipment and data to assure accuracy and reliability of motion lab equipment. If problems are found, then solutions will be implemented to bring the equipment back to the desired level of accuracy.

Technical & clinical support services

  • We will provide technical & clinical support ser vices for all motion lab equipment. Our staff is very experience in problem solving and will implement quick and innovative solutions. Short and long term solutions will be explored and explained.