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Ms. Robin Dorociak

Northwest Biomechanics LLC
4817 SW Hamilton Ct
Portland, Or 97221
(503) 292-5759
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Sports Equipment Product Testing

Our skill set ranges from biomechanics of human movement (with special interest in clinical) to product development and engineering management. We may come at the analysis from a different perspective since we are rooted in the clinical realm. The typical industry variables and tests will be used but we may implement a few techniques that may be useful in teasing out more information as well as further the R&D knowledge base to spur new innovations.

Biomechanical analysis of shoe prototypes

  • Provide biomechanical testing using computerized motion analysis of subjects wearing shoe prototypes while running, jumping, etc
  • Assessment protocols to assess shoe performance and subject interactions will be matched based on the design questions. Assessments may include:
    • 2D computerized high-speed video analysis
    • In-shoe force assessments
    • 3D computerized analysis with force plates to provide true 3-dimensional assessments. Biomechanical models of the foot can be used to look at shoe performance and subject interactions. Kinetics of the knee and ankle will show abnormal moments about those joints. Abnormal external moments are thought to produce injury. In addition, musculoskeletal model simulations can be used to illicit information about how the shoe interactions affect internal forces about a joint.